Kevin Pietersen – Winner or Whiner?

12 08 2012

KP – two letters that will start debates within the cricketing fraternity faster than you can send a derogatory text message. The most recent saga in a career riddled with them has dictated his removal from the 3rd test squad in an act of extreme strength (or retardation, depending on your viewpoint).

Kevin Pietersen in the nets at Adelaide Oval

“And most of all, they’ll miss my offies against Rudolph!”(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The immediate reaction from the online world has been mixed – some allowing their moral compass to overpower their desire for a full strength team whilst others are lamenting the ECB for retracting a key member of the batting line up in such a crucial Test. Darren Gough has labelled KP a “winner” and has put KP’s dismissal down to people “not liking winners.” Then again, its hardly plausible that KP’s best man would showcase any other stance on the matter.

The big question is: where to from here? Its not the first time the outspoken star has been in trouble with the top brass. You’d imagine his Test career is far from over; Kevin has already confirmed that he considers his international career still owning of a future. Its good to see KP keeping the return-door wide open and therefore shunning the stubborn tactics employed by fellow cricket bad boy Chris Gayle. One still feels, however, that it won’t end up as simple as Kevvy P being banned for a few matches, him returning to the squad and life continuing as normal. Where KP walks, drama ensues.

Will Pietersen request an official apology before he returns? Will he refuse a return at all? Will he ask for Graeme Swann to write him a sonnet in which Pietersen is referenced as the best personality in the team? The answer sits in the future.





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2 11 2012

I’ve got to think it’s far more important to field your best team than to have all your players, I don’t really see why it’s so important to have cricketers respecting each other, as long as he’s scoring it doesn’t matter! I wrote a blog on his come back but you published this a while ago so you probably don’t go on this site much.

13 02 2013

he is one of the finest ever played cricket.

10 11 2013
Tajinder singh

Where KP walks, drama ensues…… this is right …………..

20 12 2013
Live Cricket Score

He is just great. Yea. sometimes problem with injury and runs, but still he is great!

24 01 2014
Salman Sheikh

Drop Shoaib Akhtar? Play Shoaib Akhtar? Drop KP? Play KP? These are match winners and the management need to figure out ways to keep them in the team rather then destroying their career and with it the winning chances of the team. Just shared a blog on the post match analysis of the SL vs Pak series and I got to say the Pakistani team would not mind a KP in their side!

21 05 2014
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12 08 2015

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11 03 2016
shirmani akali dal

KP is a such a good player as well a good man Thanks for sharing

7 02 2017
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KP is really a such a good player and i like him so much
Thanks for sharing such a informative post with us

21 01 2018
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Kp is a very great talent, he always ignored by selectors. Thanks for sharing

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