Morkel – A Raw Talent Second to None

4 07 2012

Morne Morkel at a training session at the Adel...

A man with unfulfilled potential (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Morne Morkel – a name that strikes fear into many an international batsmen. I don’t think the television viewer gets a full picture of just how scary a Morkel delivery is. A ball hurtling at you at 145kph+ is scary at the best of times, but when it is hurtling at your chest after bouncing off the pitch in a manner similar to a tennis ball it becomes a different proposition altogether.

Dale Steyn is famous for his brutal attack on Craig Cumming. Morne is yet to have such a moment, but he certainly will. In fact, he will probably have many. It seems a South African pace bowler phenomenon – Allan Donald had a similar experience with Mike Atherton. I hope that when Morkel has his moment of similar aggression- for it is not a question of if – it will rub off on him in a manner similar to how it did on Steyn. That moment changed Steyn – he was no longer just a technically amazing bowler who swung it at pace. He was a fast bowler, and a darn good one.

Morkel has the ability to be a fast bowler, and just as good a one as Steyn. Big call, I know, but I really believe it. He just needs to get his game to click into place – we’ve seen it happen sporadically, but not enough. Morne, the situation is simple: find consistency; find greatness.




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13 05 2013
Morkel – A Raw Talent Second to None | Y.M.A Arts & Sports Club, Mullaramcode

[…] Morkel – A Raw Talent Second to None. […]

18 07 2013
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12 08 2015

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11 03 2016
shirmani akali dal

morkel is a good cricket and always contribute in winning the team

11 03 2016
Shiromani Akali Dal

good to watch in T20 WC india

23 04 2016
Morne Morkel

He is one of the most finest player in cricket world.

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