12 01 2012

A freak event occurred yesterday. Massive, in fact. Sri Lanka collapsed for just 43 runs, chasing South Africa’s total of 301. Words cannot describe the events that took place in that innings. Credit must go to the SA bowlers for bowling well, though. Lopsy looked like a new bowler, nipping the ball into the right handers and getting lots of bounce.

King Kallis displayed his tremendous class yet again before being run out. Hashim Amla was dominant as usual, and AB smashed the bowlers around the park with ease.

The Sri-Lankan bowlers, with the exception of Slinger Malinga, just put the ball on the pitch and hoped for the best. The batsmen… well there’s not much to say, is there?

Onwards to East London, then, where South Africa will hope to maintain their dominance. Sri Lanka will look to bounce back, and bounce back they should, if only for their fans.




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17 01 2012
Big Fat Gay Surfer

I’d love t’knows when yer a-gonna does sumpin about US cricket! Fry mah hide! ah reckon thar’s so much t’be said, an’ I’d love t’hear yer views! So come on, howsabout it?

17 01 2012

Sorry mate, I don’t have sufficient knowledge of US cricket to do it justice 🙂

17 01 2012
Big Fat Gay Surfer

Ah then does some research buddy! Fry mah hide! It’d give yo’ sumpin t’do, git yo’ some interess an’ yo’ kin larn an’ then tell us!

19 01 2012

Hi mate,
I am just a bit curious about these comments here…what is that dialect called and in which part of the world is that spoken? I was able to read the first comment, but the second one just beats me…

14 10 2012
Rajib Ahmed
this is a new blog… visiting this blog you will know about the history of cricket

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