Sledging showdown

10 01 2012

The treaty between Australia and India has been discarded with the violence of a rabid lion. After accusing the Indian team of being fragile mentally, Brad Haddin was told by Zaheer Khan that his keeping was fragile and that he should focus on that. The best, although well hidden, comment came from Peter Siddle, however. He was plagued with questions about the war of words at a press conference and handled them diplomatically before, according to Cricinfo, slipping in: “Brad’s a very competitive cricketer. He does like to play it hard and fair. Me and Jimmy like to bowl bouncers, stuff like that.” Suddenly being excluded from the Test team sounds sweeter to Suresh Raina!

In other news, SA take on SL in an interesting ODI series starting tomorrow. With Malinga and Kulasekara into the lineup, SL are a much scarier prospect in the middle version of the game and SA will have to be at their best. England look to crush a resurgent Pakistan with a Bresnan-less attack. If any English arrogance leads to sloppiness, Pakistan will jump at the opportunity. Some great cricket will be on display in the coming weeks, and that’s always good news for a cricket fan!




6 responses

12 01 2012

Nice post.
What do think will happen in the third India vs Australia match?

12 01 2012

sorry about the typo..I meant ‘what do you think…’

13 01 2012

Hi dexter.
I’ve been away, which is why I am only replying now. I probably would have guessed that Australia’s pacers would dominate – I rate them very highly. I know it all seems like hindsight now though.

From here I expect to see Aus score around 350, but this is pure guesswork – I actually haven’t watched any of the game!

14 01 2012

No problem.
I am really disappointed with India’s performance. I was getting up at 5:30 AM IST to watch the first two matches and now I have stopped watching altogether (except when Sachin plays). So heart breaking for an Indian fan.I have written a new post – – please read it when you find time. Thanks!

16 01 2012

Thanks a bunch, Eagerbrad! Have replied to your comment in my blog.

13 01 2012

thanks so much!! keep in touch!

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