Indian Quick Pick

27 12 2011

India are to earmark a bunch of quick bowlers who will form the core of Indian pace bowling stocks, Marchant de Lange sends one downaccording to Cricinfo. According to BCCI secretary Sanjay Jagdale, these bowlers will constantly be monitored.

Okay…tell me if I’m missing something, but isn’t this part of the selectors job anyway? I’d be concerned as an Indian fan if the cop cricket brass were sitting in a meeting when someone piped up: “Guys, I have an idea we should implement. Why don’t we keep an eye on the pacers with the most potential?”

In other cricket news, Thilan Samaraweera is boring South African and Sri Lankan cricket fans, batting at a strike rate under 40. If anyone is looking for an example to use when trying to explain what “contrast” means, tell them to watch the SA-SL test. Rangana Herath is flaying at everything in sight whereas Samaraweera wouldn’t swing at a 60’s disco club. Thank goodness he isn’t a baseball player! I do appreciate his style of play, though, as Sri Lanka need a solid, reliable batsman to anchor the innings.

As a South African cricket fan, I guess I should end this post with my opinion on Marchant de Lange. My initial thought was “injuries.” He twists his back in a most unnatural position, and according to one of the SABC commentators has already had back surgery. He gets nice bounce and inswing, but will need to be finetuned so that he has variation to his bowling. He will also need to develop his accuracy, but he could go far with the right mentoring.




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