Dav wants more

24 12 2011

Dav Whatmore - Man of the Mo-ment {Image via Cricinfo}

According to Cricinfo, Dav (Yes Dav, not Dave nor Dev) Whatmore has been asked by the PCB to travel to Pakistan to discuss the role of Pakistan Head Coach. Dav looks set to complete the Asian Grand Slam, Pakistan being the last of the Asian Test Nations in which he will have coached.

After making a name for himself as coach of the World Cup winning 1996 Sri Lanka outfit, Dav took up the role of Bangladesh Head Coach. In the 2007 World Cup he achieved the impressive feat in taking them to the Super 8s by defeating India. He quit at the end of the World Cup, however, and is currently the head coach of the Kolkata Knight Riders, an IPL outfit.

After moulding the Pakistan team into a solid yet swashbuckling outfit, Dav will quite possibly end a 3 year stint as a World Cup Champion before retiring and buying himself a small curry shop in downtown Mumbai. There, living as Dave Whatmore (a solid alibi if ever I saw one), he will build a normal life for himself. 5 years down the line, however, he will receive a desperate conference call from the Asian Secret Cricket Association(ASCA):

ASCA: Dav, how’re you doing buddy?

Dav: Its Dave. And I’m doing okay.

ASCA: Fine, Dave. Aren’t you going to ask me how I am?

Dav: No.

ASCA: Okay, then. Listen Dav, we have a new mission for you.

Dav: No ways, Pravesh, you know that I’m retired!

ASCA: Yes, but Dav…

Dav: Its  Dave!

ASCA: Sorry, Dave. I know we said we wouldn’t bug you ever again, but this is an emergency!

Dav: Last time you said that, the whole of India hated me.

ASCA: I know, Dav, but you got out unscathed in the end. This is bigger than mission Bangladesh, though. There is a new boy on the Test Cricket block. Afghanistan. They refuse to form part of the ASCA, and we are scared that they are going to start creating pace-friendly wickets!

Dav: That is pretty serious…

ASCA: Exactly! You know our feelings regarding pitches – nice and flat, because its easy to bat.

Dav: Fine, Pravesh, I’ll get on to it. I saw the job vacancy in the news – I’ll send in an application.

ASCA: We knew we could rely on you – thanks Dav! Oh, and one more thing…

Dav: What is it?

ASCA: Don’t forget the moustache!




7 responses

27 12 2011

Why does Dav call himself Dave?

27 12 2011

Hi Trigger.
Dav’s full name is Davenell, but he is called Dav for short by most cricket resources. Why? Who knows!
Thanks for commenting!

27 12 2011

So Dave is a nickname?

27 12 2011

Sort of I guess.

28 12 2011

So why does everyone call him Dave?

28 12 2011

Dav is the generally accepted way of writing his name. How people say it is up to them I guess, either are probably acceptable.

29 12 2011

But if his Dave then his name’s Dave not Dav!

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