Australia vs India: A series preview

23 12 2011

Australian Cricket Captain - Ricky Ponting

"No, not Warner twice, Warne!" {Image by nznationalparty via Flickr}

Cricket fans can look forward to a juicy encounter when India start their Test series against Australia on December 26th. Both teams are in various phases of losing their “golden generations,” which adds an interesting twist to the tale.

Australia feel like a young child who has been shown a new toy he will be receiving for Christmas, but is not allowed to play with it until the 25th. Teen sensation Pat Cummins burst onto the scene in firework fashion, startling spectators with immediate brilliance before fading away into the background. His fans have been left gasping at the brilliance whilst waiting for the next firework, which sadly seems to be delayed. Thankfully for them a new fireworks display, in Pattinson form, has since started and should keep them occupied for the moment. Sadly, the Australian batting has been like a firework with a wet fuse – full of potential greatness, but being held back.

India, meanwhile, have discovered a supposed gem in Umesh Yadav. An Indian bowler who bowls at good pace, yet has actually proven fairly accurate and dangerous? Some would say that this is about as likely as Justin Bieber cutting his tween-targeting do. It never seemed likely, did it? Then again, this past year has been a time for breaking cricketing barriers – SA have an attacking legspinner in their ranks, and Australia managed to not win a World Cup. Next you’ll try to tell me that Sachin Tendulkar can’t get to landmarks, and that people are beating his records!

Key battle: Which set of fans can scream “Tendulkar/Ponting is better than Ponting/Tendulkar!” (cross out as appropriate). If Tendulkar fans win, he may just get that elusive 100. If Punter fans win, he may find that good/bad ol’ Aussie arrogance (again, cross out as appropriate) and force the Indian players into tears with gruesome mind games in the first Test. He then may find his ruthless streak of old and call up Shane Warne, who then may proceed to take 59 of the 60 Indian wickets up for grabs, including both the ball of the millenium (A googly that pitches two pitches down before ripping back and clipping the top of off) and a quality leg break that Dravid nicks to slip, where Warne himself snuffles up the chance. If you were wondering about the 60th wicket, Ricky Ponting bowls a 180kph bouncer which     Sehwag top-edges. Ian Healy then charges on the field (to replace a relief-searching Mike Hussey), grabs Brad Haddin’s gloves, balances on his head, and catches the ball. “That’s how we took ’em in my day!” he growled.


  • Zaheer Khan to claim Ricky Ponting’s wicket at least once, before sending him off with “Tell me if you find a good old-age home!”
  • Tendulkar to score one more run than Ponting, prompting Indian fans to masquerade cricket forums, typing “SRT>PONTING” Australian cricket fans to type back “You may have the leading assassin, but we have the Don”
  • At least one newspaper will use a twilight reference in a headline involving Pattinson.

Enjoy the series, and feel free to comment in the comments section below!




One response

11 03 2016
Shiromani Akali Dal

big series between 2 big country always great to watch
come on india dekhado

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