Christmas and Cricket

21 12 2011

Cricketers find themselves in a catch 22 situation in the coming days. Its Christmas, which is obviously an awesome time – whether you’re a fully fledged Christian or just keen for some gifts. International cricketers, however, are opened up to the question a man most fears: To eat, or not to eat. Eat, and they’ll feel the effects on day 1 of the Boxing Day Test. Don’t eat, and… well, it’s pretty self explanatory.

English: Shakib Al Hasan warming up prior to t...

"My teeth are clean, Misbah, how about yours?" {Image via Wikipedia}

The bigger meal, though, could actually be in those days after Christmas. Will (over)confident South African fans be eating large slices of humble pie? Will Sehwag find a fat, round duck on his plate? Will Tendulkar’s 100th 100 be the cherry on top?

Meanwhile, Bangladesh have succumbed to another defeat at the hands of Pakistan. Who cares though, Shakib Al Hasan took 6 wickets in an innings and smashed 144 runs! The King of Soloing held Bangladesh together like a defiant piece of meat stuck in Pakistan’s teeth. No matter what they used to try and remove him from prominence, he stayed their in an awkward display of grittiness. The BanglaWrangler earns the accolade of Top Test All Rounder thanks in part to the performance – just beware of Kallis-fan malice.

The final two spots for the World T20 2012 are to be decided in March by a knockout comp between 16 minnows. I really wish my local TV station would cover this – don’t we all love watching a bunch of “good, but not thaaaaat good” players give 110% into every ball in the hope that they could meet their role models in a dream-like occasion? Sounds a bit like a bunch of 10-year-old children pushing and shoving on the boundary to get a mini-bat  signed by Graeme Swann. Kind of makes you want to go “Ah, cute!” Then you watch in awe as the child runs onto the pitch and smashes the English bowlers all over the park.

What is the moral of this story? Watch out for those little kids on the boundary. And don’t feed them at Christmas. Definitely no food.




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