I blinked and I missed it!

17 12 2011

Well not really. Many probably did miss the majority of the SL vs SA match though. Blame that chump Philander, I say. The fans don’t want  to watch random reruns of stupid TV series for two days, they want to watch cricket! Vernon should feel bad for stopping the fans from being able to witness 5 days of gripping action. Mark Boucher could have purposely dropped a few of those catches too!

On a (slightly) more serious note, that was a clinical performance by the Proteas. They never took their foot off the pedal and allowed Jacques Kallis to get his own back at Dilhara Fernando. Cho cho, as us South Africans say (roughly means “Yeah you deserved that”).

Yes, now’s the stage where you can yell: “Why oh why did the SA cricket board organise three Tests against the Lankans and only two against the Aussies?” The answer may well be: “Because three Tests against Sri Lanka will take place over the same number of days as two Tests against Aus!”

Who is my Man of the Match? Dilhara Fernando for the skills he showed with his fly swatting – epic stuff. No fly is ever safe when Jacques and Dil are around!




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